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Dear Players please read (Serious discussion, plans and promises that will be kept)

Dear Players,

Warning: this is a serious & lengthy thread, please read this baring that in mind, that the feedback on this thread will be taken seriously & troll posts will be dealt with accordingly (no exceptions), within this thread I am going to be blatantly honest & yes harsh towards the server, and I will be showing you all the lengths I'm willing to go to insure we stay up and begin to grow again.

Well, I'm back again, 2 days earlier then my time off was scheduled to be (because I do work as a paid full time developer on another RSPS), so let's jump straight to the point, the server is seriously being neglected right now (by everyone, not by the owners like you all seem to think, this includes those who have a position of authority, those whom are respected in the community & the general player base), the server hasn't really changed an awful lot since RuneLive closed down, both in integrity & the game.

Currently the server is facing a financial situation that's quite dire, which honestly, I don't mind financially supporting the server myself (however some systems will be downgraded as honestly, their over kill) and to those who instantly made the assumption I came back as a paid developer, I came back because I care about RuneLive more then I ever showed to anybody (I even denied caring about the server when I was fired previously) on-top of this financial situation, there are still legacy systems & old code in-game that's effecting the game play significantly (Bugs, just non-working content, everything), we as a team (along as myself as a part of the team and individual) have learned from the mistakes that occurred during the Ikov2 and RuneLive days. 

So why am I making this thread?

Because this isn't going to turn out how it did when I left before, we will make the necessary changes we need to make to the game to keep up with our competitors, but this really isn't something I can do on my own, or something we can do just by tweaking what already exists, I really do need the assistance from our development team, solid communication (from both players and developers) and not just avoid the blatant problems that already exist hoping to sweep them under the carpet and them to be forgotten about, what I'm proposing is near enough a RuneLive 2.0 and no I'm not talking about in a month you will see a ton of bug fixes and we slapped 2.0 at the end of it.

I'm talking about something we should of done a while ago, can the whole idea of trying to recreate Ikov, I've said this long before our new competitor came out (hence Ikov2 to RuneLive), I'll say it again, I'll say it a thousand more times, this game needs to be an option for all types of people, rather than trying to point towards one target audience, which was Ikov players.

Let's go back to the previous RuneLive, and take a look at some examples I believe we've all learned from (and you'll see why I'm bringing these back up), Game Modes, when we introduced Game Modes, we made one vital mistake with it, and that was the fact we didn't execute the update properly, as much as I never publicly said that, I was really not happy how Game Modes was executed, I felt like it wasn't a new addition/option for existing players, I felt like we forced it upon you (the players).

Another would be neglecting the fact you can easily AFK bosses, bosses should be a challenge, not something you can sit there with SoulSplit on in Torva and just get 60+ Kills P/Hour drinking a Prayer Renewal every now and then, continuing on from that, the fact skills really aren't profitable, the OP gear we added, not listening to the players about certain members of staff, the list just goes on.

I'm proposing something to everyone, the owners, the staff members & you guys too (the players), a complete over haul (drastic changes, for those who aren't familiar to that phrase) of a server that will happen relatively quickly, in parts instead of all at once, this means things like completely wiping out certain resources (not an eco reset), foods, potions, etc, etc building the server how people wanted it back in August of 2016 and before, and hopefully what you guys still want, where it's not a grind fest unless you want it to be, you can make money easily by doing what you want, rather then doing what everyone else is doing, a server that feels familiar, houses for multiple player types, a few examples of these would be Skillers, PvM'ers, PK'ers, etc etc, instead of alienated and ignored by your suggestions, I'm open to any and all feedback about the server and I will personally try to read and reply to everyone's replies here.

Also, about the rules & current situation on how things are being handled, whether it's punishments, appeals or just simple support tickets will be updated and revamped, in a way that will benefit everyone, I don't see the drop in player count as a bad thing (now here me out, obviously I'm not happy about it), that's not me being careless I see that as a sign we need to change, and I'm glad it's starting to open more and more peoples eyes to the problem the server is facing.

I understand how upset & mad some of you have become that things are going back to how they once were, I ensure change and I apologise sincerely (not sarcastically for once), about how things are currently turning out, the team & I will fix this.

This year, the server will become your server, I will make sure of this personally.

Thank's for taking the time to read this,

Affliction - Developer

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