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I have been a really big fan of runelive for a long time, even when it was called IKOV,  I have had multiple maxed accounts.

but I came back today from a 3-4 month break because I was busy with university, and found out everything restarted:


.all my bank  ( 200b)

. maxed account.donor stat


I was asking if i can get any of them ?  




Game Features

OSRS Content

RuneLive features a lot of content including all OSRS wilderness bosses, Kraken, and Skotizo. We have a lot of interesting OSRS items in RuneLive such as the Toxic blowpipe, Heavy ballista, Toxic staff of the dead, Serpentine helm, Dinh's bulwark, Elder maul, Kodai wand, Twisted bow, and much more.
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Player Owned Shops

The player owned shops are very similar to the player owned shops featured on Ikov. You can buy/sell items with other players at ::market, this is very similar to the Grand Exchange.
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Interactive Gambling

Gambling on RuneLive is very interactive. You can flower poker, dice duel, 55x2, or stake other players on our Duel Arena.
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