Rune.live is not coming back.
A very corrupt person "Umran" obtained rune.live maliciously.

We shut down RuneLive about 8-10 months ago because of the lack of motivation & player base to continue it.
We could have kept going, but that was our mistake.

We were approached by Adam trinity (not umran) to re-open the server with him, which led to our server files being released.
There was a disagreement with Adam, which led to him taking all of the money made from this project, we did not make a single dollar.

After all of this happening, I recovered rune.live.
Umran is attempting to open up a RuneLive remake, which is absolutely disgusting using our home page and our design.
He never even played RuneLive and is only attempting to open it up for a quick $.

Rune.live was created off of ikov2.org
We actually created our player base and reputation around the Ikov name.

The RuneLive team is working on a new server that is going to be better than any of the current pre-eoc servers out there.
It is going to have full raids, zulrah, and much more using an entirely new base with perfected combat + pathing.
We are currently in staff beta and will be releasing to public beta soon.

Come check us out at http://ikov3.com or http://forum.ikov3.com
The old RuneLive character file stats/achievements/donator ranks will be available there.

RuneLive will not be re-opening under anybodys name in the future, and any remakes that open using
the RuneLive website design or the game files are not us.

Thank you for reading,